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At MEDIALOGIC, we trained and coached over 4,500 international executives in media performance, presentation skills, crisis communication and storytelling. Our training approach and methods are described in five books, in Dutch and English. Purchase them at Amazon or Bol.com.

Media Interviews

MEDIALOGIC specializes in corporate media training, preparing managers and executives for tough press treatment in a realistic TV studio setting. All sorts of media interviews are practiced and evaluated with individual feedback.

Presentation Skills

MEDIALOGIC tutors effective ways of increasing the attention of your audience when delivering keynote speeches, pitches, vlogs and other presentations. On-camera rehearsal and individual coaching are the ingredients for success.

Crisis Communication

MEDIALOGIC creates tailor-made workshops that bring potential organizational crises alive. As communication is key when all hell breaks loose, participants will be able to check and/or adjust protocols in a near-live situation.

Storytelling Techniques

MEDIALOGIC shows how to bring spirit to your corporate values and helps you to deliver these with real impact to a variety of stakeholders.

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