From Planning to Execution and Training


From planning to Social Media


MediaLogic identifies your media communication needs, creates PR, CSR and communication plans, (re)organizes your PR department, and liaises with top-tier media in your target markets and areas.


MediaLogic prepares managers and executives – mentally and verbally – for the hour of truth when meeting the media and other influencers.

Social Media

MediaLogic investigates how your media and PR policies can be aligned with social media activities, thus improving the impact of your communication efforts.


MediaLogic verbalizes your corporate, product and financial messages for media usage, localizes these when needed, adds relevant facts and figures, and compiles extensive media Q&A’s to get prepared for the job.

Issue / Change

MediaLogic advises on smart mass media communications regarding crisis management and/or major strategic change. We deliver clear protocols and concrete deliverables for all relevant stakeholders.

Turn your messages
into videos with impact

Raising public profiles and brand awareness in the media is our expertise


From Corporate Media to Videos

Corporate Media

MediaLogic creates corporate media with a twist, from customer-relations magazines to employee newsletters and periodicals, and from media backgrounders to product launch brochures, in print and online.


MediaLogic effectively composes press releases, (annual) reports, (background) articles, columns, speeches and corporate biographies. Ghostwriting is a specialty.

Still Images

MediaLogic visualizes verbal messages with the right image – illustrated or photographed – highlighting products, people and/or lifestyle scenes.


MediaLogic creates the content of impactful press conferences and media performances, ensuring successful presentations. With our event-organizing co-creators we take events to the next level.


MediaLogic turns your messages into attractive Video News Releases, product demos and promo films that bring extra impact to (media) events and increasingly find their way into the social media.

Corporate media
with a twist

We verbalize and visualize your corporate story


From Media interviews to Storytelling techniques

Media interviews

MediaLogic specializes in corporate media training, preparing managers and executives for tough press treatment in a realistic TV studio setting. All sorts of media interviews are simulated and evaluated with individual feedback.

Presentation Skills

MediaLogic tutors effective ways of increasing the attention of your audience when delivering keynote speeches and other presentations. On-camera rehearsal and individual coaching are the ingredients of success.

Crisis communication

MediaLogic creates tailor-made workshops that bring potential organizational crises alive. Since communication is key when all hell breaks loose, participants are able to check and/or adjust their protocols in a near-live situation.

Storytelling Techniques

MediaLogic shows how to bring spirit to your corporate values and helps you to deliver these with real impact to a variety of stakeholders.