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Welcome to the modern age PR Services

MediaLogic PR was founded on the first day of the new millennium: January 1, 2000. With MediaLogic PR, we trained and coached over 3,000 international executives in media performance, presentation skills, crisis communication and storytelling. These exclusive and highly effective sessions take place in TV studios all over the world, from Milan to Miami, and from Berlin to Beijing.

Over time, MediaLogic PR was increasingly asked for strategic advice on corporate, financial and product messages. Besides, our broad experience in mass media production, from magazines to TV news, has been the driver for effective content creation, covering areas such as corporate videos, media events and presentations as well as B2C and B2B communication.

MediaLogic PR cooperates with more than 25 independent specialist companies in the creative services industry. For each project we compose a team of professionals that best fit the creative requirements of the job.


Our Crew



Strategy + Copy + Training

Hans started as a correspondent on Eastern European affairs. He worked for the National Dutch Press Agency and contributed to several magazines, news shows and newspapers. From the 1990s onwards, he specialized in EU affairs and Technology as a reporter for the international business press.

Hans was appointed chief editor of Management Team, the leading business magazine in the Netherlands. In 2000 he founded MediaLogic.

Hans is the author of five books (in Dutch and English) on media exposure, press relations and presentation techniques.


Georges van wensveen

Camera + Art-direction

Georges finished art school with a degree in photography. As staff photographer and visual art director at Dutch business magazine Management Team he travelled the world capturing tycoons, ceo’s, head quarters and new business trends.

As a next step, he focused on car photography for all mayor automotive brands before switching to cinematography.

Georges eagerly creates film sets, inventing his own dolly’s, rigs, mounts, rails, sliders, etc. His latest piece of handcrafted film gear is called the GimbalGunner.



Camera + Post production

Cameras and digital hardware, that’s what makes Maarten wild. Since 1983 he is exploring both areas, continuously developing his technical skills. Working for major players in the electronic dance and music industry,

Maarten’s fascination has proven to be the ideal background for translating vision into digital imagery.

Maarten feels comfortable behind the camera as well as in the editing room. Currently he is pioneering new possibilities with interactive video.



Production + Direction

Marc has been shooting movies since he was a child. Prior to becoming a full time filmmaker in 2010, he worked as a journalist, radio technician, designer and photo and video coordinator for a large government institution.

Having been the client as well as the creative, Marc knows how to combine artistic vision with a clear understanding of the customer’s needs. Besides his passion for film,

Marc likes oil painting, writing stories, playing music and brewing his own beer.



Copy + Training

Arlette graduated in organizational studies and communications, with a degree in journalism on top. She made her way in media, writing interviews, reports and background stories for a wide range of lifestyle and business magazines.

Those skills came in handy when she started to produce for corporate media as well, focusing on retail, automotive, aviation and finance. In 2007, Arlette wrote a book on part-time entrepreneurship

During our media trainings, participants fear her charming appearance mixed with her persistent way of phrasing questions.



Post-production + Motion Graphics

While studying Digital Media and Communication, Sander started specializing in 3D animations and Motion Graphics. He designed multimedia products, including digital games, for an educational publishing house.

Today, he is full-time video post-producer. Sander’s activities range from ‘classic’ film editing for news items, documentaries and (corporate) stories, to engaging animations, graphics and special effects.

No surprise that Sander is crazy about gadgets, games and (industrial) design. 



Camera + Direction

Napoleon graduated as a scriptwriter, but developed as a director and cameraman in his professional career. He lived and worked in Latin America, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Besides filming reports for major TV stations such as CNN, Al Jazeera English and RTBF, Napoleon does many corporate productions for multinational companies and institutions. With his global experience,

Napoleon fluently adapts to several cultures and languages. Currently he is working on a fiction movie project to be shot in Tokyo.